Berlin, jour/Day 16: Exploration urbaine / Urban exploration

Hey hey,

Nous sommes donc allés faire un peu d’exploration urbaine hier soir. Vous m’excuserez, mais (comme hier), ne vous attendez pas à un commentaire percutant ou enrichissant. Trop crevé.

Je dois néanmoins dire que nous avions un excellent groupe hier! Une douzaine de personnes, à peu près tous dans le même groupe d’âge (à part moi, le petit vieux). Très bonnes conversations avec beaucoup d’entre eux. Certain(e)s lisent peut-être ces lignes en ce moment-même! Respect! Content de vous voir ici, bonne lecture!

Alors voilà. Aujourd’hui, ce fut un détour à la East Side Gallery et une visite guidée à l’aéroport Tempelhof (ce groupe-là, par contre, yeeech). Je devrais être bon pour vous en parler demain.


Hey hey,

So we did some urban exploring last night. Sorry folks, but (just like yesterday), don’t expect any earth-shattering or even insightful commentary. I’m just beat.

I do have to say that we had a fantastic group last night! A dozen people, all about the same age (except old man me). Very good conversations with many of them. Some of which might even be reading these lines! What’s up? Glad you made it, happy reading!

So there you go. Today, I went by the East Side Gallery and on another guided tour, this time of Tempelhof Airport (that group, however, yeeech). I should be able to tell/show you more tomorrow.

4 réflexions sur “Berlin, jour/Day 16: Exploration urbaine / Urban exploration

  1. Hey Patrick! This is Dennis, the guy asked for Prague recommendations 😉

    Just had a look on your blog, especially our urban Exploration. As you already said it was a great Group and I was happy to meet all of you. Very nice evening with a lot of fantastic impressions.

    « thumbs up » to your nice Pictures. I really like them. I Keep following your Blog and beeing interested on your next stops.

    Take care and wish you a nice travel ahead.

    Best Regards!


    • Hi! Glad you made it here 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      Unfortunately, I’m flying back home on Sunday (but I’ll keep posting new stuff daily until then). These 5 weeks have gone by too fast!

      I can’t remember if you went to Prague immediately after Berlin… have you gone yet? If so, how was it? Hope my recommendations helped a little bit…

      Good to hear from you! Thanks again!


  2. Hey Hey, just came back from Prague yesterday… It was amazing!!!!
    I had three days home between Berlin and Prague.

    As I said, it was great. All the people saying « it’s a nice city » (if you remember ;)) – they are totally right.
    Personally I was a bit (positiv) surprised about the clean and safe environment. Of course- we only saw Prague 1.
    The town has a lot of flair and important, cheap beer 😉

    I will long remember to this great visit and I am sure I’ll come back 😉

    So, I hope u enjoyed your last hours in Berlin (and Paris as well – great pics, btw) and arrived in Canada safe.

    Take care and have a good time! May see you in Berlin next year.



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