Jour J

Hey hey,

Ugh. Pratiquement pas dormi de la nuit passé. On croirait que c’est la première fois que je sors de chez nous. Pas grand chose à dire, pour être franc (probablement une première depuis longtemps)… Ça va surtout être dur pour Stef, et elle me manque déjà.

Bon, ça suffit. J’espère vous reparler d’Amsterdam (KLM for the win), sinon ce sera de Berlin.

See ya!

Hey hey,

Ugh. Almost didn’t sleep at all last night. It’s as if I’ve never set foot outside before… what the hell. I don’t have a lot to say at the moment — probably a first in ages. I really feel for Stef, cause I know this is tough for her. I already miss her.

Alright, enough of this. Hopefully I’ll be able to write something from Amsterdam (KLM for the win), otherwise it will be Berlin.

See ya!

2 réflexions sur “Jour J

  1. I believe you’re in the air by now, I hope you’r having a safe and unevenful flight. Thank for for the English translation, I for one really appreciate it 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your blog every day, hearing how things are going, and seeing your pictures. As I said last weekend, I envy in on this trip especially because most of your time will be spent outside of Germany 🙂 I’m very anxious to hear about the new places, and hopefully if you give great reviews perhaps we can talk Jeff into a big trip for his big 4-0!

    Have a fantastic time, really looking forward to your daily blog!


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